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shieatt asked 6 years ago
Great plugin, am considering purchasing the upgrade but I have a few questions below.  This is all pertaining to the website seen here:  
  1. How do I make sure the Service drop-down always shows times in descending order?
  2. How can I implement a 'Terms and Conditions' URL that links to a Terms page into the form?
  3. Need to also implement a text box that says "weekend and after hours available by request please email."  How am i able to do that?
  4. Is there a way to add a coupon code into the Square and/or Paypal functionality?
  5. How do you provide a user with a Confirmation Number once they have been booked?
  6. How do you actually place a thank you page in the settings, is it just pasting a URL?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, thanks for interest in EA. Regarding questions :
  1.  Services are order by creation. In order to sort them you will have to create them in that order.
  2. This is not implemented there will be new option with custom link to EULA page.
  3. You can place any content on the page with EA short code. So before or after the short code you can write anything that you want.
  4. With extension you can add checkout with PayPal. You can see it here : PayPal DEMO
  5. You can add to email notification template. For example #id of appointment or for example PayPal transaction id if you are using it
  6. You can have custom redirect URL when customer book appointment. It's just one option inside Settings > Customize page. Option is called : Go to page
Best regards, Nikola
shieatt answered 6 years ago
Thanks Nikola, Two follow up questions from your answers above: 2. Do you know when the new EULA option will be ready? 4. Thanks for the DEMO, however my question is i regards to how to add a COUPON CODE to the system? Should this be done via Square Checkout? Thank you again! Scott