Support forumCategory: QuestionsIs there a way to set a time limit on the Pending reservations?
PBDesign asked 1 week ago

We have a website for an indoor playground for young children and we use your fantastic Easy Appointments plugin. We have 4 play sessions per day.
Due to COVID-19, we have had to reduce our capacity to 15 people at any one time for each play session. Reservations fill up quickly, and it’s difficult to remove the “Pending” reservations that don’t actually get completed.
Is there a way to set a time limit on the Pending reservations?
For example: 

  • This morning, one woman went to reserve 3 places for her kids. So, 3 places are pending under 1 reservation.
  • She became distracted and tried to do it again 10 minutes later. But, she became distracted a second time because she has three young children who have been on lockdown for the last 3 months. Now there are 6 places pending under 2 reservations. 
  • She tried again 30 minutes later, but couldn’t remember her Paypal login. Now there are 9 places pending under 3 reservations… all incomplete.
  • We can only take 15 kids at any one time. We already have 6 kids booked in from other completed reservations. However, nobody else can book a place because we have 9 places pending on 3 incomplete bookings.

I know that we can just remove them manually, but it would be great if there just automatically timed out after a set time because we are so busy.
Is there a way to do this?
Thanks for any help in advance.