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_Moreno asked 7 years ago
Hello Nikola, i purchased the addon medium. Absolutely great. It´s working without problems. Could you send me an invoice for my purchase? I need some in germany. Paypal receipts are not accepted. I have some other question using the ical module: i opened the ics-file with my mac without problems.
  1. Would it be possible to add a break to the hashtags? Meaning like so:
#service_name# <br> Berater: #worker_name# <br> Telefon: #worker_phone# 2. For some reason ihave the street displayed, but that makes no sense for me. Is it possible to delete this entry? I´m looking for a cms to collect all the customer-data. Do you know a system within wordpress that can merge the data together? I´m very happy with your App. Thanks a lot! Best regards, Alvaro  
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Alvaro, I will have to check for the invoice but I am not sure that can be done. I don't have any data of customers except Name and email address from PayPal. For instance if you haven't said that you are from Germany I wouldn't know that. I will have to investigate a little bit more. Regarding issue :
  1. I will add a multiline field there so you will be able to set break line
  2. Can you please tell me where the street info appears? Is it in customers form? 
Regarding the data you can export all appointments as CSV file and import it to Excel etc.
I´m very happy with your App. Thanks a lot!
You're welcome :) Best regards, Nikola
_Moreno replied 7 years ago

Here´s the link to the street issue:

In case of the invoice i can send you all needed data. I need a receipt with date of purchase, company-name, address, the purchase, vendor data. Would be great.

Best regards,