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leestrayer Staff asked 7 years ago
I currently have my wp build in a directory, and when I followed the google api setup and try and authorize the app, all I get is my homepage instead of the authorization screen. Is it because my current wp directory is /staging instead of ?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, looks like there are some issues with parsing the url. Do you access you site with ? Best way is to have it locally set for example to and from there setup everything for testing purpose. If that is fine just swap stage with . Best regards. Nikola
Consuelo_Daza Bertrand Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, Nokila. I have the same problem. My app is in I created a gmail account and generated the api key. but, when I try to authorize the api to access the calendar, redirects to and stays 'stopped'. And does not proceed to select the gmail account. I do not know what I'm doing wrong. I've watched your video a thousand times, following all your directions in my domain I have two different applications, each one in a directory.   Gracias! Un saludo, Consuelo Daza when i 
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Consuelo, you should then change the redirect urls to reflect your WordPress location. You can do that on Extension Google Settings page. I as see you have issue because redirect is on wrong url. Best regards, Nikola
Consuelo_Daza Bertrand Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, Nikola Forgive my insistence, but I need the plugin extension to work.
I can't connect with google account.
I've followed all the steps you indicate in the video and when I press the' authorize' button, it redirects me to the domain root page: it doesn't show me the gmail account to select from.
I followed the suggestion you made to me, but it doesn't work. ¡muchas gracias! Un saludo, Consuelo Daza