Impossible de re-authorize Google Account after remove – check token error

Support forumImpossible de re-authorize Google Account after remove – check token error
luli Staff asked 6 years ago
Hi Nikola I had exactly the same problem than here and I tried everything you adviced... Last week, everything worked rather well on my website for testing: Google back sync 2 ways was ok, I just had problem with cancelled appointments due to #linkcancel# and attached ICS. Because of that, I had 3000 appointments, and I decided to uninstall the plugins to start from scratch and to have a cleaned installation... I had to authorize at least 4-5 times and finally, it was ok but other issues began : cron failed once under two, overlapping time from Google calendar ... I uninstall, re-install plugin EA and EA connect, cleaned database, I removed connection to app, changed Client secret, created 3 new projets in Console Developers to start from scratch, changed my Browser, flushed cache navigator, cache server... At least 10 hours to find a solution and I lost hope... :-( Please what can I do now ?
luli Staff replied 6 years ago

Meanwhile your answer, I watch again your video and I realized that I hadn’t activated API ! I directly went to create credentials OAuth and I was sure it was enough… Finally I activated and it seems to work, I can add new calendar without the “error check your token”.
Now I hope I will not have overlapping time for syn from Google calendar (it was the issue at the beginning… perhaps another question in few hours after testing… 😉 )

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Luli, ok thanks for update. It should work fine but if you have any questions feel free to ask here. :) Best regards, Nikola