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luli Staff asked 6 years ago
Hi Nikola After dozen hours trying to understand, now I’m sure : Google back sync automatically cancel an appointment in EA, whereas it has been received « confirmed » few minutes before from EA, and it's not because of the #linkcancel# First, you have to know that the Google back sync works every 5 to 20mn so it’s very difficult to test and check if each solution works. (even if my cron job is every 1mn, and sync interval data is 5mn in EA) Now, for each test, what I made : - I created an appointment A on the website, - I checked if it’s well-confirmed in EA back office - I create an appointment B in GCal - I waited to see B in EA back office to be sure that Google sync back is ok, and I checked the status of A. At the beginning , I let “Delete from GCal will :” with the value “delete appointment in EA” so I didn’t realize that all my appoinments disappeared in EA, because they stayed in GCal… Honestly, I made so much tests so I didn’t see the problem immediately… Finally, after 2 or 3 re-install, let “Delete from GCal will :” with the value “cancel appointment in EA” and at this time I could see the changed status confirmed > cancelled after Google back sync. Here , I thought it was because of my old version, I updated… I was sure it was ok because I didn’t wait for a new Google back sync… But actually it didn’t work. Then I thought it was because of the #linkcancel# into emails, subjects, ICS… I deleted it but no… Then, I deleted ICS for everyone but no… Finally I disabled all emails (for notifications, worker, admin, customer), but no… I search for the same bugs and It seems I’m not alone : What could you suggest me now ?
luli Staff replied 6 years ago

Of course, even if the appointment are cancelled in EA, they stay in Gcal and it’s the main problem because the slots become available in EA/the website whereas they are not available !

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luli Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Nikola I spent my evening with different other tests. It doesn't work, I lost hope and it's very important for me to identify the bug because the client is waiting for the go live of the website ! I payed for the extension and I'm very disappointed I show you my last screenshots to show you what I see : Appointment created in EA, confirmed, created in Gcal (everything seems to be ok at this step) : 10 mn after the creation of one event in Gcal with the account of the worker, and after the Google back sync : Of course the calendar of the worker is in "advanced calendars sync" with the right location, and of course I field the default location and the default service, i deleted all emails notifications (to avoid the bug with #linkcancel#... try all advices that you gave in other posts...
luli Staff answered 6 years ago