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Amin asked 2 years ago
Hello, I have a big issue… i made it so clients can choose their Region at “Location” because our workers have to personally go to clients, but if a worker has a client around 1Pm in “Africa”, then i want to make it impossible for clients to book the same worker on the same day at a later time in “America”… Only if the client Region is Africa he/she can choose the date on a later time.  How do i make this happen..
AA CHARGING replied 2 years ago

I want to make my clients schedule their own appointments with the services i provide as a engineer but i need it so that if a client books a appointment in ”New York” at 08:00 AM…. another client can’t book a appointment on the same day at a later time if they are from ”Texas”.

I want to avoid traveling from client to client and rather have 2 clients from the same city booked on 1 day.

Please help me!