Support forumCategory: BugsAdding additional 45/60 or 90 min block time before any service – unwanted block before time
Maud asked 4 months ago

Please, help !
Since few month, there is a problem – before any reservation it automatically adds additional 60 or 90 mins block time. (I’m massage therapist and offer 3 duration / 45, 60 and 90 min). It cannot be decreased through any setting and cannot get rid off. I
set to:
Duration 60. Slot step 15. Block before 0. Block after 0. – and still, it adds additional  60 minutes block before – without being set up.. (or 90 min. before with a 90 min treatment).

I get the plugin in 2020, everything was fine, and now it’s a big problem – I lose a lot of working opportunities – as like I am free to work 1/2 time….
Thank you for your help, as it seems I m not the only one with this BIG PROBLEM replied 4 months ago

I have the same issue – please help asap. THANK YOU!