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Silver asked 8 months ago

How can I change the label colors? like this picture I can’t see the texts

2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi can you please share the link to that page so I can check what style needs to apply?

Best regards,

michael_hofmeister answered 8 months ago

Hi SIlver,
if you would only change the right side (final), you could change the color as followed:{
color: #db4605 !important;

For #DB4605 insert your Codevalue. And will you change the whole text-color for this plugin on frontend, so take followed code:

Start your code here.ea-bootstrap.bootstrap {
color: #DB4605 !important;

I hope, this will help you.

misha.vikingov replied 7 months ago

Hi Mike your a Genius, can you please supply the additional CSS in wordpress theme customizations for changing the drop down selectors to dark them, black background with white text, as well as the calender background and font, Ive got my page looking MUCH better now with this…

.ea-bootstrap.bootstrap {
background: #008B8B;
color: #778899; /* lightslategrey */
background-color : #20B2AA; /* lightseagreen */
color: #F0F8FF;

/* #008B8B; /* GREEN */
/* #66CDAA; /* mediumaquamarine */
/* #20B2AA; /* lightseagreen */