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TheBarkAcademy Staff asked 4 years ago
TheBarkAcademy Staff replied 4 years ago

Can someone help me with configuring my booking slots?

Currently, I’m offering 2 services during my available working hours. Each of these services have a 60 minute duration, but the cost is different per service.

How should my settings be configured to make sure one slot can be booked for either service and no longer be available for other bookings?


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TheBarkAcademy Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi All, My biggest problem was my booking slots were still available even though a service had been booked. This allowed the dreaded double booking. Thankfully, I was able to figure this out on my own.  For anyone else who has is having this same problem, make sure the "Multiple Work" checkbox is unchecked. This checkbox is found in Easy Appointments>Settings>General (See Screenshot below). Easy Appointment Settings