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Fran Gibson asked 6 years ago
Not sure you have received my email so sending via here. I was wondering whether you can help me with the Google calendar link up. I tested it all using my own gmail account and it worked perfectly, now I have linked it up to my clients account with the view to going live and the appointments are not showing on the google calendar. Really stuck as it worked before, please see error log attached which show 23 event is EA but 0 in Google. Also when I book a slot as a customer the submit button is not redirecting to my ‘Thank you’ page but I do get a confirmation email saying that my appointment will be confirmed soon. Then when I confirm the appointment from the Pure Rehearsal email it goes to a page that says ‘Appointment can’t be confirmed!’ Yet the status in the WordPress dashboard has changed to confirmed. Lastly as the customer I have not received the 2nd email saying the appointment is confirmed. Not sure what has changed as this was all working fine and now isn’t and whether it’s me or your update?