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giuseppe_scopelliti asked 1 month ago
Hello, in the last weeks the plugin and the extension connect on my website seems to be syncing appointments TO Google Calendar but doesn't sync back FROM it. If I add an event manually on the calendar, that doesn't prevent the plugin from booking appointments on that time slot, as it should and as it did in the past.
I have the last version of the plugin 3.11.11
Here are some screenshots. I'd appreciate your assistance, thx google calendar website calendar
2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 month ago
Hi, can you please turn logging all three levels inside Extension settings. After couple of sync intervals try downloading it. There you should see how many events are pulled from Google Calendar. If there are events and they are missing from EA most likely you are missing some mappings. That happens when EA don't know where to store those events, so it can't be filed under service/location/worker. Best regards, Nikola
cams answered 3 weeks ago
Why you are ignoring us all Nikola?