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Joerg K. asked 5 years ago

Hello Nikola,
while I was working on my custom form fields in EA I had the following issue several times but still I’m unsure what I’m doing is producing this.
The issue is that the meta field appears twice after changing settings.
A refresh of the admin page then brings up the two fields, one with the old one with the new settings (likewise one which is required one that is not – as this is the change I made to the field).
However sometimes the duplicate field is only visible at the front end and not at the back end and I need to got to the DB and delete the field there.

Joerg K. replied 5 years ago

Version 1.12.4

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago


looks like there is some kind of error during save. Can you please create a temp access to the admin panel so I can check what is going on there?

Best regards,