GCal deletion will not delete the actual appointment

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vegardbell Staff asked 4 years ago
I have setup my Gcal extension, and it works fine when I book a slot from Easy Appointments. The Gcal gets updated. But, when I delete the booking from Gcal, it still remains in the back-end as confirmed. I have setup a cron-job in cPanel running every 30 minutes, and here is my setting in Easy Appointment: https://hei.vegardbell.no/v/mwZuyP Still after 1 hour, the booking slot is still shown as "confirmed" in Easy Appointment (even though I have deleted it in Gcal).
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, this one should be easy. You should replace that any / any / any mappings inside Advance sync option section with strict values. Reason why you don't get events from GCal is that the EA don't know where to put them :) Best regards, Nikola
vegardbell Staff replied 4 years ago