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Samantha asked 1 year ago

I would like to know if I subscribe to the extension – Starter or Pro, if I can setup a force payment by CB to valid a booking to my spa ?  
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2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Samantha, that can work like that with extension. So when you book appointment you will have pending status. After Woo checkout status will be changed to confirmed.

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lookman_sanni answered 1 year ago

Hi Nikolas,
How to make the appointment expire after a certain time if payment doesn’t happen in Woocommerce ?
Thanks, Lookman

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 1 year ago

Hi Lookman, can you please try setting default state to be reservation instead of pending.

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lookman_sanni replied 1 year ago

Done, thanks. I use it on a french install. Is Translation of “reservation” => “acceptée” in the json bundles ? If yes, not really explicit…would have thought of something like “temporaire” ?

How long does the appointment takes to expire ? Can we influence the duration before the appointment expires ?