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Evolvingdoor Staff asked 3 years ago
For the update notes to version 3.5.6, you say "Fixed date/time format on Connections admin page in table." Maybe this isn't referring to the bug I am reporting but the bug I'm reporting has been broken for many months and is still not fixed. I've reported this problem multiple times over many months in the Wordpress support forum, but it remains unfixed. I would be happy to show you a screenshot but not sure how to add it to this post. The problem is that when I select a Begin or End date in a Connection, it shows as the PREVIOUS date, not the one I clicked on. The date that shows when I click SAVE is the correct date, but not when the Admin setup window is in view. This makes it very confusing and nerve-wracking to create or edit a connection because I'm always wondering if I clicked the wrong date by accident. Can you please fix this? It has been a bug for many months.
Evolvingdoor Staff replied 3 years ago

Also, since I updated to 3.5.6 when I clone a previous Connection, and then I add a second weekday to the Connection, only the original day shows in the saved list, even though both days show as having available appointments in the calendar grid. In other words, I cloned an appointment that had been for Fridays only within the selected time span. I edited it and added Saturday to the selected weekdays and this second weekday showed in the Admin setup window, but in the Connections listing on the Admin side, after I clicked SAVE, it still only showed Friday. When I checked in the front-end calendar grid, the appointments are showing correctly for Fridays and Saturdays in the time range, but the Saturday won’t show in the Connections page.

Again, I’m happy to send you screenshots if that would help; just let me know how.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi can you please send me screenshot on nikolanbg[at]gmail[dot]com. Best regards, Nikola
CISSSMCDeveloppement Staff answered 3 years ago
Hello, I have the same problem! did you find the solution ?