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Harman asked 2 years ago
Hi Admin We requested a feature in the plugin and also invested $59 into it to make it work fast admin promised that the feature will be added in a week and now it's over two months and I didn't even hear back from the team after that. More information on: https://easy-appointments.net/support/can-services-be-displayed-differnetly-to-make-a-busy-calender-easier-to-read/ Please update us on that as soon as possible. Thank you. Harman Gill
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi Harman, colours are added to Services. Do you have latest update for EA? Also you need to pass special attribute to full calendar short code. You need to add color="service". Best regards, Nikola
Harman replied 2 years ago

Hi Nikola,

This isn’t what was shown in the picture I shared for the reference initially, we wished to see a table with the column names as different departments and working hours in the row names. This configuration is possible when we open a single-day calendar and see something like as shown in the picture.


The colour difference isn’t what we asked for dear.

Thank you.

Harman replied 2 years ago

As we get multiple appointments for a single department in a short time of a couple of hours, that’s why if there would be a different section for each department it will be easier to recognize and will make better use of the space.