Support forumCategory: Questionscan-services-be-displayed-differnetly-to-make-a-busy-calender-easier-to-read?
Harman asked 4 weeks ago

We offer multiple services and get pretty busy and which results in the calendar looking very bulky as everything is displayed in a single box(table) is there a way to make services look different when viewing a day view.
Thank you.
We are assuming something to be like this.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Harman, can you please resend that image. It can’t be opened 🙁

Best regards,

Harman answered 3 weeks ago

This is the only thing we’re missing in this calendar, otherwise, it works perfectly for us, thank you.

Harman answered 1 week ago

Hi Nikola,
I’m desperately waiting to hear something from you.
Thank you.

Harman answered 3 days ago

Hi Nikola,
What costs to put this feature into the fast lane??