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pixeligo asked 2 weeks ago

Hello, on I use the shortcode

to have a display like I add 2 connections for 2 employees and Working Yes.
I need to remind the customer one day before the appointment. Is it possible wiht the extra plugin Twilio ?
Thank’s by advance for your reply.

pixeligo replied 2 weeks ago

Shortcode [ ea_bootstrap worker=”1″ location=”1″ service=”1″ ] 😉

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi, yes you have that option with Extension plugin. You can send SMS or EMail reminder message with it 🙂

Best regards,

pixeligo replied 2 weeks ago

Ok thank’s Nikola. I’ll bought it when I can have the display like Actually I have an error message that I don’t understand. I read the documentation but I don’t find where is my mistake.
Best regards

pixeligo replied 2 weeks ago

Sorry to disturb you, I found my mistake.