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daihlo asked 12 months ago

My site is set up for a single worker physio therapist offering mulitple services.
I have setup so busy slots are calculated by Worker only
However, if I book service 1 on a day, then go to same day, it still allows me to book service 2 at the same time…
Should it not see that the worker is busy then with the other booking at not allow the time slot to be available on all services?

gary replied 12 months ago

I am having the same problem where I have one person that provides 2 services and they can be double booked


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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 12 months ago

@daihlo @gary in EA Setting > General:

for option called: Busy slots are calculated by same should select Worker and save settings.

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daihlo replied 12 months ago

thats what I have done, it still allows to book the same worker for 2 different services at the same time, same location…

daniele replied 11 months ago

Hello I have the same problem ……people can book on the same timetable, so the plugin is useless if it works in this way. It was working fine untill the update 3.7.0 (2022-01-16) . If there is a booking on 15-june at 3pm for service A other people can book on the same time slot for the same service A. I need help