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rszewczyk Staff asked 3 years ago
Hi! First of all let me express my great appreciation for your work. It is really great and makes life easy for me. I assume I am not the only one to share the sentiment. Would it be possible to add a feature that would - when chosen in settings - disable worker selection? In such use case, client is selecting only time slot, location and service. If any of the employees is providing the service, that slot is available. When booked that service request is assigned by default to random/round-robin/lowers-id employee. Or if multiple employees are providing given service at given time and place, then client can select employee or just accept the default. If it helps I am willing to allocate time and coding effort to make it work.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, issue with that is free slot calculation based on worker. It is required to have all three values in order to calculate free slots. We could allow selection of bookings without worker but free slots are hard to calculated in that case. Best regards, Nikola
rszewczyk Staff replied 2 years ago

Right. Ok. Thank you for replying.

Honestly I tried to implement that change in logic php file and I hit the exact wall you talk about. It is getting tedious very quickly.

Anyways. Thank you for looking into it.