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n asked 3 years ago
Hello, I have a few customization questions / bugs and will appreciate if you can help us with this as soon as possible:
  1. Once an appointment has been scheduled, the email that gets sent out shows that it's coming from "Wordpress" which is not good.
    When I move the mouse over "Wordpress" it does show the email address that I set in the the settings > send from.
    But we need it to also show the right email address alos from the outside, because it looks spammy when it shows "Wordpress"

  2. How can I customize the Booking Overview that shows up once the user picks a date and time? Where is its php template?

  3. There's an issue with setting the service duration and slot step.
    The service duration is 15 minutes, but they would like a 15 mins break between each one. For example: 12.00, 12.30, etc.
    So I set both duration and slot step as 30 mins.
    However when a user selects for example 12.00 - it also books the next one in this case 12.30. 
    Which means that another user can't book 12.30 - which is not good.
    If I try to workaround this, by setting either duration or slot step one minute less - then when saving I get an error:
    (duration / slot_step) must be round number.

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, answer for question 1 and 2 you can find on 3. For break after service there is option called block after on EA Settings > Services page. Leave slot step to be 15 minutes, can't be longer than service. Instead set block time after to be 15 minutes. That will solve your issue :)
Best regards, Nikola