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Yon Thierbach asked 1 year ago
Hello, I have the issue that customers can book services that last longer than the opening hours. Example: A service with duration of 2 hours can be booked at 4pm even if the location closes at 5pm. Question was raised already a year ago but no fix so far
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Jared_P answered 1 year ago
I have had that same problem in that past. It has been especially problematic with services that are larger than the "Block time" set at Easy Appointment > Settings > Date & Time. For what I do, not all of my services are the same amount of time and I don't want to block my most commonly performed services. I REALLY WISH THAT WE COULD SET BLOCK TIMES FOR EACH SERVICE!!! Anyway, having had to stay late over my lunch hour (with a resultant, much quicker lunch hour) and having to stay after hours, later than I usually close I had to find a solution. It is awfully strange that the software cannot figure that out, right? So, I have resulted in blocking "Out" from 12:00-12:10 PM and at the end of each day so that this cannot happen. This is the only solution that currently seems to work. At least is works for me. Example of my schedule to prevent scheduling of appointments inappropriately.