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cforce22 asked 5 years ago
Nicola, I would like to create an API from an EasyAppointment confirmed appointment. Is that an option? I would like the calendar event to create a task in my CRM. Is that ok?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi, you to create API call when user book an appointment? Something like call back . Best regards, Nikola
william_brown answered 5 years ago
Hi, Is it possible to create a page in WordPress with the EA shortcode on it and then call the page from Android with a webview passing two email addresses in the headers to open an appointment screen with the emails already filled in so the user only needs to select the appointment date and time ? For example, John and Jim are both registered users on the Android App and on the WordPress Website. John wants to schedule a conference room with Jim from the app. My app can send the email addresses of John and John in the webview header to the WordPress webpage with the conference room reservation calendar and not have to enter the emails of John and Jim, only select the Date and Time of the Conference room reservation and then press  submit. I did not see this possibility in the documentation. I could use an API also but I do not think it has been developed yet.