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stevegayler Staff asked 5 years ago
Hi there,

2 questions for you. 1 - Can you give me an indication of when a user will be able to select multiple time slots to make a booking?  We need the ability for a user to be able to book 4 lessons at a time. 2 - We are  creating a number of pre selected booking forms, we have 1 of our team that only works at 1 location, and we have preselected their name, however their location does not show until you choose your time slot.  If a user works at more than 2 locations, then the dropdown displays, but when only one there is nothing.  This is quite confusing.  Can this be looked at? Many thanks Steve
stevegayler Staff replied 5 years ago

Nikola Loncar, please can you send a reply.

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stevegayler Staff answered 5 years ago
I think it is time to ask a refund, a month without response is not good.