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Joerg K. asked 5 years ago

Hello Nikola,
the page with connections is not paginating, means that I cannot browse to the newest connections that I have setup.
Unfortunately I have to create so many connections (each service, for multiple different days, so series of appointments is not an option, as I would have to cancel sometimes single dates).
As a matter of this I have a very huge list, that it does not fit into a single page. But there is no browse option coming up and there are no filter/sort options.
It turns out that handling appointments the way I need to deal with is not very user friendly here.
I hope you will bring in some of my feature requests I made, which might ease the live 🙂
Many thanks!

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Joerg,

you are right it can be a hassle to keep all connections up-to-date. I will work on that issue soon. 🙂

Best regares,