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Joerg K. Staff asked 6 years ago
Hello Nikola, when I create a new connection, would it be possible to leave the service empty, means that all services are available for the slot and only if I chose a dedicated service only that service is available to the connection?   Many thanks for considering...   Cheers Joerg
Joerg K. Staff replied 6 years ago

Additionally, I like to see on the reports section all appointments regardless of the service, so the selection could be

Service 1
Service 2


Joerg K. Staff replied 6 years ago

P.S: Means that the calendar for example shows all dates with free slots and bookings etc.

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi I have already written down that feature request as calendar view where you can see and filter out particular appointments. :) Regarding having connections without service it's little bit difficult now to do that. It will require changes to core part of EA. Best regards, Nikola