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Linda Resevick asked 3 years ago
I have upgraded to version 3.4.12.  I am no longer able to save a new connection.  I hit the save button and nothing happens.  Modified wp-config to log any errors but no file is being created.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Linda, can you please tell me is there any error inside browser console when you try saving? Best regards, Nikola
2020smt Staff replied 3 years ago

HI Nikola,

I am having the same issue as Linda. When I try to create a connection, I go through the form and hit save and it just says processing. It stays on this screen “processing” until I click off of it and it does not save my connection. There is not an error message. I am also using version 3.4.12.


Nikola Loncar Staff replied 3 years ago

Can you please create a temporary wp account for me so I can check what is going on there? Email address is nikolanbg[at]gmail[dot]com

Best regards,

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 3 years ago

Can you please provide me with access so I can find out what is going on there.

best regards,