Confirmation emails are not sending to customers

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jonas_eriksson asked 2 years ago
Hi, We are facing a problem. When customer book an appointment, we and they get the initial email about the reservation but when we confirm the appointment, they don't get reservation confirmation email.

We have checked the email log of our SMTP server and there is no confirmation email in the log. Can you please guide us to fix it? For your info, there is no log in EA error log page.

Installed plugin version: Easy Appointments - 3.10.3 Easy Appointments Connect - 0.14.0

Thanks in advance    
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi, do you have template for confirmed mails in settings? Email with empty template are ignored. Best regards, Nikola
jonas_eriksson replied 2 years ago

yes, we do have template for confirmed mail in the setting but still it is not sending the confirmation email to the customers

jonas_eriksson replied 2 years ago

Hi, Any idea to solve this issue?

jonas_eriksson replied 2 years ago

It seems cancellation email notification is sending to the customer but not confirmation email notifications. Any idea what might be the issue?

Another thing, we can’t able to find the latest version no of the plugin, so we can cross check whether we have latest version or not?. Is it possible to find it?. Please let us know

Andres Morales replied 7 months ago

Hello, the same thing happens to me, the initial email from the client does arrive when they request the appointment but from the administrator when the appointment is confirmed the email does not arrive to the client and the error appears in the log, using the email sending tool Test works, the error is when the email is generated from the admin. I hope you can help me, thank you!