booking limit for a service does not work correct for a specific service

Support forumbooking limit for a service does not work correct for a specific service
Nico Scharnagl asked 2 years ago
Dear support, we are using Easy Appointmern for more than two years now (actual version 3.10.3) Unfortunately now the booking limit per day for a specific service is not working correct anymore. We set it to two bookings per day but the customer can book the same service three or more times a day. How can we fix this issue? Thank you in advance Best regards, Nico
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi Nico, can you please check Connection settings and date frame within each connection. Most likely those have been expired. Also check how busy slots are calculated, that option can be set to do that per worker so limitation is calculated by all taken slots. Best regards, Nikola
nico scharnagl Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi Nikola, sorry for being late in answering your message. I checked the connection settings and the dates. They all seem to be correct:
Edit connection
Location *
Service *
Worker *
Number of slots *
Days of week *
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Friday  Saturday  Sunday Day...
Date range
O Define date range when this connection is going to be active
Start date *
Time range
End date *
Define working hours by selecting start and end time
Start time *
End time *
Is working
Yes You mention to "check how busy slots are calculated". To be honest, I did not understand what you mean, sorry. Thank you in advance Nico