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Panche asked 7 years ago
Hello NIkola, first thanks for the great plugin is super useful.  I want to ask can i change the color of the time like example, when the selected appointment is waiting for approval (ex.YELLOW) and when the same appointment get approved (ex.RED). Somthing like: Frei: Grey
Waiting approval: Yellow
Busy: Red Thanks
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, you want to do that on Appointments page in Admin panel? Best regards, Nikola
Panche replied 7 years ago

Hi Nikola,
I want that to appear on the appointments page in the front end of the web site.
When some user is bucking appointment and waiting for approval the field (specific time) to be market as Yellow, and when the appointment is approved that specific time to me marked as Red.
Thanks, best regards,

Panche replied 7 years ago

hi, Nikola can you please answer my question, i need to know because my client waiting also.
Thanks one more time, and sorry for bothering.