Calander does not load "internal error, please try again later"

Support forumCalander does not load "internal error, please try again later"
HelpLog asked 7 years ago
Hello, I want to use this plugin but it won't work. when I try to open the page the calendar will not load and says "The site says internal error, please try again later." I tried to uninstall and delete it then reinstall it but it still won't work. I even tried changing the max number of appointments because I saw a question similar to this and you said to change it to 10, so I tried that but it did not work. Also the short code I used was [ea_bootstrap width="800px" scroll_off="true" layout_cols="2"] What did I do wrong and how could I fix it? Please get back to me, thank you
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, looks like there is some kind of issue with current plugins or themes settings on your site. I will suggest to set it up locally on clear WordPress site and then migrate to public site. Best regards, Nikola