“Busy Slots” feature not blocking slots

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Darren White asked 1 month ago
Hi, Thanks for the nice plugin. I like the features and it's fairly user-friendly. However, I'm struggling with the "Busy Slots" feature because slots aren't blocked after they have been put into a "confirmed" status.  I have the "Busy slots are calculated by same" field set to "Worker" and have also tried other options but it still won't block out a slot if it has already been booked. I tried changing a couple of settings with no luck. Any help will be great. 
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 month ago
Hi Darren, that depends how many slots you have? If you have more then one slot per time then it will not be blocked. Best way to see that is to turn option for showing how many slots are there. Option is within shortcode called
.   Best regards, Nikola