Support forumbrowser-auto-fill-affects-the-location
Brian Bollen asked 6 years ago
Hi there, I noticed that when clicking on the time for scheduling an appointment, its supposed to move over to the fields where you place your Email and such. However, I noticed that if it auto fills, the Location input box is affected.  In this way, I had changed the locations available after my browser\'s auto fill settings had been made so when I went to schedule again, clicking on the time actually filled in the email and such for me, but changed the Location to blank (because the auto fill location was no longer there). My worry is that a user will try to schedule something twice and before paying, the Location will revert back to the original one (in my version, Location has been relabeled as Subject).  Is there anyway to make sure that it will never auto fill the location, service, and dates ever? Thank you, Brian
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Brain, there is no such option atm but I will add it to feature list. Id should not be that complicated for implementation :) Best regards, Nikola