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makinero asked 5 months ago

I’m using the latest version of easy appointments on WP 5.5.2.
The date is displayed as follows booking overview (it is in french, sorry) :
5 juillet 2019 18 hh 00 MMmmM
Whereas it should be displayed as follows :
5 juillet 2019 18h00
How can I manage to get this ?
All other dates (blog posts etc.) work properly, date settings are configured properly. Time format set in EA settings : 24h / millitary time.
Thank you

4 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 months ago


that is localization issue. Can you please use date time format with only numbers until that is solved?

Best regards,

makinero answered 5 months ago

I have switched to DD/MM/YYYY (eg 08/07/2019 for the 8th of july) : I still get the error.

makinero answered 5 months ago

I have even set a custom date format : dmY (without slashes) : I still get the same error.
I cannot get rid of the 2nd “h” and the multiple “mmm” by using str_replace : the variables in booking.overview.tpl.php are not coded in php…

makinero answered 5 months ago

Any idea ?