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Annie asked 4 years ago
Hello! I would like to se if you can add autoselect id there's only one available worker? We have 2 workers in the system, one worker covers 9 locations, and the oter worker covers only 1 location. The default in the worker dropdown is -, could you make it to be the first / only one in the drop down? Then we would be able to hide the worker selection making it faster to book.   I see you said something similar here: "If you want I cam make autoselect if there is only one option and you can always hide it. " - This is exactly what we need. Is it possible to add? Thanks for a great plugin! 😊 
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Annie, we need to add it as option. It would not be hard thing to add but wait a little bit for option. Best regards, Nikola