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Sven Duijff asked 4 years ago
Hello Nikola,

Great application you've made to start off with! It works like a charm. 
It however seems that when someone clicks to the next month on the calendar to soon, it will give the 'Unable to perform Ajax request, please try again later' error. When we click this slower, it will load just fine. 

However we can't tell customers to click slow every time offcourse. I was wondering if there is something we need to do serverside to prefent this of if it is something you are aware of and working on?


Sven Duijff  Webpage we use is on is this site!
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Sven, I can't check that because it is loading too fast. So as soon as I select value from first field calendar is loaded. Best regards, Nikola