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VincentDB Staff asked 7 years ago
First of all, nice plugin. However I'm struggling with the synchronisation part.
Please find my live demo on : http://www.deboekhouding.be/aangifte-personenbelasting/ I run an accounting office and in June alot of people will need to fill out their tax return papers.
Because online appointments are great, I wanted to try and setup a little system with your plugin.
I'm currently syncing my outlook agenda with my google agenda forth and back.
However it seems the sync back to Easy Appointments plugin isn't working. In detail : when someone makes a booking on the website, the plugin agenda pushes the appointment into my google calendar and synchronizes to my outlook calendar, GREAT ! However, if I create an appoint in either my outlook calender or the google calendar, it's not pushing it back to the plugin agenda.

For example, right now I made a "test appointment" in my google agenda for 7th of June from 8 am to 12 am. When I check the google agenda, it's there. Now if we check the availability on my website through the plugin for 7th of June, it says I'm still able to book an appointment from 8 am to 9 pm. What am I doing wrong? The plugin agenda - on the report tab - says all slots are still available. Isn't the sync supposed to be 2 way? Connect BETA tab settings :  Set default values for sync new Appointments created on Google Calendar Default location :                 - Grote Steenweg 306, 9340 Oordegem Default service : - Gehuwd of wettelijk samenwonend Single of feitelijk samenwonend
leave empty if you want to turn off sync back new Appointments from Google Use customer email :
mark this option if you want to set customers email inside Google Calendar Event as attendee   Sync data for next : days
if you want to sync all events se to 0   Sync interval :                    5 minutes                    15 minutes                    30 minutes                
how often to run sync job   Can you let me know what I should do? I really really want to fix this.   Thank you in advance, Vincent
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VincentDB Staff answered 7 years ago
Just checked the Connect[BETA] tab and saw " default location " and " default service " which had empty values. Just filled those in, made new appointments in google calendar but it still won't work unfortunately. Sync data for next : " 90 " days , on Sync interval : " 5  minutes " Are there specific parameters to sync back to your plugin?
Like .. do I need to make the appointments per timeslot of the service type or .. ?
It's really confusing me why it doesn't sync back any schedulements from google calendar to the plugin calendar.   Thanks in advance,
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Vincent,   there are couple things regarding Sync back from Google Calendar. First thing is to have a working Cron job running there. Do you have any notice above Google Calendar settings inside Extension plugin? Second thing is to have default values set as you mention and Google Calendar Event creator email must match Workers email inside EasyAppointments.   Best reagrds, Nikola
VincentDB Staff replied 7 years ago

Thanks Nikola, it’s working now. The issue was that I filled out my professional mail in my worker mail inside EasyAppointments instead of my gmail account. Once I’ve changed it to the gmail account and voila it started synchronising 2-way. AWESOME !!! 😀

Thanks alot once again!

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 7 years ago

You’re welcome 🙂