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Alan asked 6 years ago
Hi Nikola "Your Cron is running inside WordPress! " Does this matter for EA as I am having some problems with making and syncing to Google-Cal

Thought to address this first

Thanks Alan
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi Alan, that can be the issue. Can you please connection WP Cron with system scheduler on your hosting. You can read more about that here: Best regards, Nikola
maella_caro replied 6 years ago

HI Nikola,

I can do that too but my issue is that Siteground recommends only 30 minutes slots for the Cron job which is pretty long to get my infos synced.

1 – if I keep the Cron in WP at 5 minutes will it work as expected?
2 – if I setup Siteground scheduler to 30 minutes will that mean that I have to wait 30 minutes before seeing the sync? If yes there still the option to force the sync through a plugin like WP control.

Please advise.