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Caleb Yiu asked 5 years ago

In found this following error In the Tools Section Below error log
ERRORS: {“wp_mail_failed”:[“You must provide at least one recipient email address.”]}
ERRORS_DATA: {“wp_mail_failed”:{“to”:[“”],”subject”:….
I noted that the following statement had been shown:
To use using the email notification for user there must be field named “email” or “e-mail”
Because I am working on a multilingual website, I would need to change the label to other language.  Is there any other way to send the notification email with amended Email label?

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Caleb, looks like you are missing custom field with name email. Just add that custom field and it will work. You can change label with translation file inside DB slug for that meta_field record must be email.

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