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vegardbell Staff asked 5 years ago
Hey. Is it possible to left align the GDPR notice/checkbox so it's on line with the rest of the text and the reCaptcha box?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi, can you please share the link to that page so I can take a look right on the spot. So I can tell what to add as a custom style. Best regards, Nikola
vegardbell Staff replied 5 years ago

Did you find a solution?

vegardbell Staff answered 5 years ago
Hey there.
The site is: https://weescape.no/#reservation
titala Staff answered 5 years ago
The same with me: https://dev.testido.hu/idopont-foglalas/  So I\'m also interested in the solution. Thx, Attila