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FOTM Staff asked 3 years ago
I am working with a small shop that has 15 different services.  Recently the service would be selected, and then the department, or "worker" that was previously selected for that service would be THE ONLY option that someone could select for that service. Now for some reason every service is showing every department (or worker) available.  How do I change this back so that the service selected only shows an option to choose the department associated with as selected in connections?  
FOTM Staff replied 3 years ago

Is anyone going to answer from Easy App? I paid money for this.

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FOTM Staff answered 3 years ago
I was given the answer by a support team we work with locally.  Easy App should be called "Pain the a$$" app.  Here is what they told me.  I have no idea why closing a business for a day (Xmas and New Years) is so hard to do.  This app is unwieldy and why it "reverted" is nonsensical.  I can't believe we actually paid for this.  So I now need to go in and "undo" roughly 39 connections that were made through the "bulk add new connection", when all I wanted to do was shut stuff down for a day.  Unreal:   Howdy Team,

I tracked down the cause of the issue. It's a little bizarre but Ill try my best to explain. 

This looks to be due to entering unecessary Connections for the holidays. 

Services were updated for departments that don't deal with the service. This caused the system to read that department as a possibility for the service (even though it's set to not available) and add it to the dropdown list of departments for a user to choose. 

For example, let's look at the Service New Ski Boots 60 minutes

New Ski Boots 60 Minutes is supposed to only be handled by the Ski Department 

But on the backend, listings have been created under Connections that indicate that this service isn't available on Dec 24th for not only the Ski Department but the other three as well. 

Because these three departments have listings on the backend for the service, they are considered a possibility even though they don't have any available hours for the 24th. (Or the other upcoming holidays)

By default, these departments won't show up for the service so to remedy the issue these connections will need to be deleted. 

So for New Ski Boots 60 Minutes the entries for it need to be deleted regarding the Snowbard, Service, and Accessories department.

Quick Snapshot below...


You can see this in action as I went through and removed the unnecessary listings for the service: Full Ski Package 90 Minutes. This has since removed the other departments as options on the appointments page.

Hopefully, that helps! The good news is that the plugin is working as intended. The other connections will need to be sorted through and updated at your convenience.

Thanks!  -Sam