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tommyh550 Staff asked 3 years ago
Whenever I cancel or confirm an appointment, it takes me to a page where the title of the tab of the browser says "wordpress error".  Is there anyway to change the title?
2 Answers
Max Staff answered 3 years ago
You can use custom die handler add_filter('wp_die_handler', 'get_custom_die_handler' ); function get_custom_die_handler() {
return 'custom_die_handler';
} function custom_die_handler( $message, $title="", $args = array() ) {
echo '<html><body>';
echo '<h1>Message:</h1>';
echo $message; /* No escaping, to match the default behaviour */
echo '</body></html>';
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Max thanks for answer. If you want we can add customisation for that? Best regards, Nikola