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william_beville asked 3 years ago
Hi Nikola. To get around multiple selections then I ticked on Woocommerce option and added products. Every time I saved then left Beta Connect and came back then no products were added. All blank again. It never saves. I only found out this after downloading Woocommerce plugin and activating, redirecting  EA to basket etc. Nothing worked as it should and I would suspect that its due to not saving Product name. I did several tests, several redirects, installed woocomerce plugin etc. etc. but does not work. I have deleted woocommerce plugin and also returned redirects and unticked the woocommerce feature in EA I have just wasted hours of my time. Is this feature working in EA? Or are you having issues? As stated then I tried this feature in EA to allow for multiple appointments and also to offer discounts via coupons so if you could have multiple sections on appointment calendar and a way to give discounts then it would not be necessary. Any plans?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, do I still have access to WP Admin part? Best regards, Nikola
william_beville replied 3 years ago

Yes you do and I will extend for another week

william_beville replied 3 years ago

I extended for another week as you have not fixed my issue or replied