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CFSJure Staff asked 4 years ago
Hi Nikola, I got a problem with checkout page in Woo/Generatepress Premium & Easy App, by redirecting after successful appointment-Basket-Checkout. After the payment the site is redirected to Cart with prompt : ''Checkout is not available whilst your cart is empty'' ? The appointment is booked, payment is received only this redirect is bothering because customer isn't getting the conformation about successful payment after the checkout and gets this message&prompt above.  I've checked error.php and it says something about EApp and Woo but I am not a programmer and don't understand it. Is there a way to send you this php error log ?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, can you tell me how you are redirected after payment to Cart? Payment via WooCommerce or EA? Best regards, Nikola
CFSJure Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi, site was redirected to Woo-Cart with prompt like above. Now writing this and after your question, mabye this might be a problem – namely, ”PayPal” AND ”STRIPE” was enabled in Woo/Payments, as same time as ”PayPal” & ”Allow Payment via Card” was enabled in EA/Connect(Beta)/PayPal. So it may be that service was paid from EA and there was no service left in Woo/Cart, thus : ”Checkout is not available whilst your cart is empty” ?

But for the time, I’ve put payments aside and will come back to this later, because also my ”online-bookkeeping” app can’t manage ”services” ( without phisical product stock ) for now and they are programming this in this minute.
BUT, when I started to test site with simulated customer bookings, some time discrepancy ocured between EA/Appointments list -vs- Booking calendar in EA -vs- Google calendar.
If you’d be so kind, please go to : https://www.careforskin.eu/rezervacije/
and check. I’ve alredy booked following :
– Service ”HIFU Guba med licem in usti”, duration 45 mins at 23.12., from 08:00 hrs
– Service ”HIFU Predel okrog oči”, duration 35 mins at 23.12., from 11:30 hrs
– Service ”HIFU Zmanjševane gub na čelu”, duration 30 mins at 23.12., from 15:00 hrs

… so if I go now in with the new booking, the 30 mins slot for ”HIFU zmanjševanje gub na čelu” should be shown ”occupied” but it appears free to book ?
EA/Settings/General/Multiple work is UNCHECKED.

While for the Google calendar, EA appointments gain 1 hour and for ”HIFU Guba…..”, 1st booked service above, shows start at 09:00 hrs ?
Also EA/Appointments list shows entry of the 1st booked service as ”from 09:00 to 09:45” but if you click ”Edit” it shows Time 08:00 under the Date entry.
EA/Settings/Customise/Date&Time is set to 00-24, sl, 1
Google callendar is set to GMT+1 ( Vienna, Ljubljana )
( if I set it to GMT+/-0 all other shedules reverse for 1 hour, which I can’t have :).

So what could this be ?
Thanks for efforts

CFSJure Staff replied 4 years ago

additional info, for testing purposes now, there is only 1 worker and 1 location

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, there is something wrong in connections. Best way to check how many slots are there to open Report page in EA Admin with Timetable report. There you will see how many slots are there. If you book one slot of Service A but there are 2 slots for Service B then users will be still able to book one more Service B for same worker. Can you please take a screen shot of those issue or some short screen cast just to make things more clear to me :) Best regards, Nikola
CFSJure Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi Nikola, I found a ”catch” – hard to belive but that’s it ! 🙂
Namely, in WP/Settings/General the time zone was set to ”UTC+1”, which actually is our time here in Ljubljana/Slovenia, BUT than I changed this to ”Ljubljana” …. and everything is in place now as it should be. No more discrepancies between EA-Appointments-EA Callendar – Google calendar, no slots overlap — everything OK !

About ”Empty cart” – think this has got something to do with a fact that payments were enabled in EA and WOO, and mabye some play arround ”Add to cart” check or uncheck in EA/ConnectBETA/Woo …
Will let you know how that goes.