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Sam Hill asked 5 years ago
Hello, ignore the last question.  It submitted without displaying a question.   Anyways,  I want to create an appointment system that does cart bookings through woocommerce, and before I purchase this plugin, I want to make sure I can do this. An example is there is a father with two kids that want to get a haircut, and I want my easy-appoinments plugin to give them the option to add an adult and two kid haircut appointments to their cart for one hour of my stylist's time.  Then, it shows them the discount they will receive for doing a group haircut.  I do not want to have to list multiple services at multiple times for every one of my stylist's. Simply, I want my stylists to list their available times, and then if a group of kids and adults, or just adults in general, want to purchase a time for their group, they can do that by adding # of haircuts to their cart.  Then a discount is applied based on the combination of haircuts.   Thank you, Sam Hill
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Sam, you can book Appointment via Extension and have it inside Cart but I am not sure that it can cover such flexible price case that includes discount etc. Best regards, Nikola