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j.c._de_vlaming asked 6 years ago
Hey, not sure if these should be separated, but since most of them are relatively small I figured I would sum up a few features which may improve the usability of this plugin.
  • A different calenderview (views: by-day; by-week; by-year) preferably choosable by the end-user (front-end). Setting a default state in this case would be amazing!

  • As an extra on the previous point; The possibility to view restrict viewing certain time periods (e.g. in by-week view -> hide weekends || show only tuesdays; in by-month view -> hide holidays; etc.)

  • An option to add a comment. (e.g. "closed - reason: anniversary"; "moved days due to holidays"; etc.)

  • An option to send an e-mail format per registered e-mail. For every party there should be an option to send different information (e.g. different email for Customer, employee, planner (yes, it can be necessary to coördinate a planning on top of this automated system), administration cooperative, logging storage, etc.)

  • An option to annonymize appointment information. Due to the GDPR (the new privacy law), some precautions should be made to minimize the change of a dataleak. Since the general nature of information handled by this plugin isn't that sensitive it is not that big of an issue; Although it would be nice to have tools in place to 'auto-clear' any information after a appointment has been made (the 'appointment-id' should be enough to handle the mechanics internally and externally).

    My suggestion would be to set an expiration date for the information (like 1 day after the appointment; 1 hour before the appointment). If storage of information is still important, one can always choose a admin-mail with all the information. Alternatively the next suggestion could be a nice imporvement.

  • An auto-export tool which exports all the information of a certain period to a cloud service for example. With this it would be possible to export this weeks appointments on every saturday to a (secure) cloudservice.

  • Lastly (quite an obvious one); Synchronization with more Agenda types (other than google)
  Some of these suggestions might be easier to implement than other, but hopefully these can be added in the (near) future. Feel free to comment, ask and/or append to this list. Regards,
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, thanks for all suggestions. First one is most likely to be implemented. There was a couple request like that so it's something that can be useful for majority of EA users. Also part regarding holidays and auto blocking all slots for that time period. It's not simple to track everything with connections when there is just to many combinations. :) Best regards, Nikola
j.c._de_vlaming replied 6 years ago


First of all thanks for the amazingly fast reaction. Im looking foreward to the different view possibilities!

For the second point; I can imagine it being a complicated task, although it can be implemented per entity? (e.i. either location, service or worker not available for a period of time). This way you can simply invalidate the whole connection/link, which should show the desired result (Assuming the algorithm currently in place will take over)?

I am not sure how its programmed in the backend (I have currently way too less time to dig through all the code). But if I could help in any way, I would happely do so.

Anyway, any comments about the other (last) 5 points in terms of feasibility?