Where is the Appointment 'Connections' Database?

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mindfit asked 6 years ago
Hi Over the 2 years I have used this plugin, as the business changes I have made more connections (now up to 30).  The problem is the connections page in the backend only displays 14 of them.  We now have a situation where a new connection is in conflict with an old one that is still running but I am unable to delete the old one because it does not display on the connections page.

I did this once before in the connections database - but it seems to have changed or move.  So how do I find where the past connections are located to manually delete the old ones no longer in use but still in the database
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, in new update I will address this issue. I am planning to make new release by end of this week. PS Thanks for using EA for such a long time 🙂 Best regards, Nikola