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subrico asked 2 weeks ago

and congrat for your work, since v2.14.3, we have day/week/month_header_format.
Super ! 
But, for exemple in week view in full_calendar, I want DD MMM YYYY. It’s fine at the top header (i.e. 20 – 26 juil 2020), but the header of each week is ddd MM/DD (Mon 07/20 or I want Mon 20/07).
It’s possible ?

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi, it can be added also.

Best regards,

f3rdal answered 5 hours ago

Unfortunately, I have the same problem. I would like, if I click week, that the format is weekday-name/day/month e.g. Mo 12/8 and not Mo 8/12. How can I do it.