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Nikola Loncar Staff asked 2 years ago

Dear visitor,

there are couple of rules to follow before posting a issue or creating bug report.

  • Please use search and see if there are similar issue or request
  • You can create an issue without need to be registered to Forum but if you want to comment a issue that is already there then please open a account.
  • If you are opening a bug report please provide details of environment that is used :
    • WordPress version
    • Plugin version
    • PHP version
  • Please use tags for marking topics

Best regards,


kdxtech replied 1 year ago

Clarification on MultiSites.

If I have a Multisite installation.
I want to install the Easy Appointment Plugin.
If I don’t make it network active, will it work for individual sites?

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 12 months ago

Hi for multiple sites it will share the data between all sites on multisite instance.

Best regards,

kdxtech replied 12 months ago

Any plans to fix that issue?