User guide for Support forum!

Support forumUser guide for Support forum!
Nikola Loncar Staff asked 7 years ago

Dear visitor,

there are couple of rules to follow before posting a issue or creating bug report.

  • Please use search and see if there are similar issue or request
  • If you can't find answer to you issue please also check FAQ page.
  • You can create an issue without need to be registered to Forum but if you want to comment a issue that is already there then please open a account.
  • If you are opening a bug report please provide details of environment that is used :
    • WordPress version
    • Plugin version
    • PHP version
  • Please use tags for marking topics

Best regards,


kdxtech replied 6 years ago

Clarification on MultiSites.

If I have a Multisite installation.
I want to install the Easy Appointment Plugin.
If I don’t make it network active, will it work for individual sites?

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 6 years ago

Hi for multiple sites it will share the data between all sites on multisite instance.

Best regards,